Understanding How Specialized Cat Food Like Orijen Is Beneficial

by | Feb 16, 2018 | Pet Care

We get it – you love your cat, and you want them to have the best possible health for a long, healthy life. While regular visits to a vet in Jacksonville, grooming and even play time are all important things, you need to pay attention to your cat’s diet. Specialized food formulations like Orijen cat food can provide a number of different benefits. Why are specialized foods better options, though?


One of the most important reasons to choose a specialty option like Orijen cat food is because, unlike dogs and most other pets, cats are true carnivores. They do not need grains or vegetables in their diet. In fact, too many non-meat additives can be harmful to their health, and might mean more frequent trips to your Jacksonville vet. However, some bulking agents can be important for overall wellness.

Type of Meat

While cats are true carnivores and need meat in their diet, they need the right type of meat. Many pet food companies include meat-derived protein, but it’s sourced from less than ideal options. For instance, they might use rancid meat, or even byproducts from other industries (think hooves and beaks). Look for an option that includes high-quality meat, such as Orijen cat food, which uses fresh meat just like your cat evolved to consume.

Grain Free

For many pets, but particularly for cats, it is important to avoid grains in the diet. Grain-free foods ensure a healthier coat, healthier skin, and less inflammation. However, many conventional cat foods include a number of grains in their recipe, and many companies try to spin this as a positive. Don’t be misled.

Not Synthetics

Many pet food companies have started adding synthetics to their formulations. Essentially, this allows them to cut the percentage of protein and bulk up their food. This saves them money and allows them to offer a lower cost product to their customers. However, synthetics can do real harm to your cat over time. Opt for a real food formulation that does not use any type of synthetic ingredients, such as Orijen cat food.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons that you should consider feeding your cat a high-quality food that is biologically appropriate to their evolution. Again, cats are carnivores and need little to no vegetable protein or carbohydrates, so plant-derived ingredients should play a very little role in what you feed them. The right food will support their health for years to come.

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