Tips For Citrus Tree Care

Citrus plants are some of the most popular fruit-bearing trees. Lemons, oranges, and grapefruit trees have been cultivated since ancient times. While many people enjoy the beautiful blossoms in spring, the main reason people want to grow citrus plants is for the fruit. Citrus requires a certain climate to thrive and can require specific care. Here are some tips for citrus tree care.

Create a Healthy Environment

Citrus trees are designed for a subtropical climate and do not fare well in areas where the temperature is regularly below freezing. Additionally, citrus trees require soil with good drainage, with an optimum pH level of 5.5 to 6.5. Watering is important, especially for young trees.

Another vital part of citrus tree care is fertilization. During the first year after you plant your citrus tree, it’s important to use a citrus-specific fertilizer. As the tree ages, be sure to spread the fertilizer in a wide enough perimeter around the tree. For certain types of trees, cross-pollination is vital to fruit bearing, so it’s important to have a compatible tree planted in the proximity.

Maintain Your Trees

Another component of caring for citrus trees is regular maintenance to keep the trees healthy. Pruning is vital, especially during the early years of development. It’s especially important to remove the shoots and suckers from the base of the tree, as these interfere with the tree’s development.

For varieties that are susceptible to certain diseases or insects, you may need to use some sort of pest control. However, citrus trees are relatively immune to pests, so you should only start spraying when it becomes evident that pest control is necessary, not as a preventive measure. If you supply basic citrus tree care by creating and maintaining a healthy environment, you can expect your trees to grow well and produce delicious fruit. To know more about citrus tree care visit BGI Fertilizer. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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