Three Benchmarks Every Top CNC Milling Services Shop Should Meet

Whether you need a custom manufactured OEM part as a replacement or are working on a new prototype, finding a CNC milling service that can handle your project with precision, quality customer service and within budget is a must. Always make sure your measurements are correct and that the machine shop you hire is up to date with calibration of all machines and training of its staff. If you want to find a quality CNC milling service in your area, follow these three quick tips listed below.

What Price Should You Pay?

For most machine shops the average prices range from $50 to $150 and up. It is always a good idea to call around and collect price quotes from a few different machine shops. Taking the time to drive one town over may save you a few hundred bucks in the end. Do your homework and call around instead of just heading to the first local shop that pops up on Google.

Do They Have New And Well-Maintained CNC Milling Equipment?

CNC milling services and turning services, and the machines that provide them, have come a long way in the past 20 years. Precision equipment that is three, four, and now five axis can offer millions of custom design options. When you choose a local CNC milling service you will want to make sure that their machines are capable of handling the design ideas that you have and that their machines are calibrated on a regular basis. All CNC machines slowly move out of their normal operating tolerances during daily use. Machines that are out of proper calibration range can screw up your project and cost you extra money.

What Are your Local Machine Shops Qualifications? Are They Insured?

Most machine shops are required to be ISO 9001:2008 certified. It is a good idea to make sure that your project is handled by a licensed and insured business that is registered with your local municipality. Hiring a CNC machinist off of craigslist or at a small, uninsured mom-and-pop shop could cost you more money and headache than if you had gone with a professional team.

Avoid extra headache and guarantee a great finished product by hiring a qualified CNC milling service that meets the criteria above.

Pricing, craftsmanship and the precision equipment used by your local CNC milling and turning shop are all things to consider before hiring for your next project. CNC milling services are available for almost any type of material and application. Find a quality local CNC milling company who will provide exceptional customer service and precision craftsmanship for your next project. Ignoring the three basic points above, and diving into a project with the cheapest bidder off of craigslist or similar online directory, could cost you more than what a local, qualified machine shop can offer.

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