Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils: A Superior Choice for Aromatherapy

by | Dec 17, 2014 | Business

First of all, the term therapeutic grade essential is something which can be a bit misleading to those who don’t know the difference between them and other oils used in aromatherapy. This is because the difference lies in the very quality of the oils themselves. In aromatherapy, the quality of the oil is everything, so it is crucial to be aware of the differences which exist. This way you will know how to avoid purchasing oils which aren’t high grade and don’t provide the quality health benefits most people expect to get from them.

What are therapeutic grade essential oils?

Therapeutic grade essential oils are very special oils which are suitable for medicinal aromatherapy. They are oils which go far beyond being organic in description. Another very valuable asset believed these wonderful oils possess is the ability to stimulate a unique frequency all their own within the human body. This frequency is able to restore balance and normal function to body systems which have managed to get weak for a number of reasons.

Three essential factors of therapeutic oils

It is the oil’s specific fragrance, frequency, and chemistry which must come together in order to contribute its one of a kind therapeutic effects at the end of the day. Should any of these properties be comprised somehow then any essential oil cannot be given the certified pure therapeutic grade title it would normally be issued.

Does a lot go into making these top of the line essential oils?

What you put into a product is what you will receive from it. Therapeutic grade essential oils must have all the necessary elements present to make it premium oil. High quality essential oils must contain all of the proper constituents, at the right ratios, for the oil to have the expected effect on the body.

Achieving a premium grade level on an essential oil is a lot of work. Mastery of several aspects is required in order to ensure the highest quality product. One has to be able to grow the right variety of healthy plants and flowers, employ proper cultivation methods without chemicals, harvest with lots of knowledge and care, and then extract said oils using the most advanced techniques in the best manner possible. The last thing which is required to confirm these oils as being pure and premium grade is by having them tested at independent laboratories. This is the only way to verify the oils have the required composition to be certified as pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

Do you want the best oils possible for medicinal aromatherapy?

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