The Simple Elegance Of Solar Powered Landscape Light Options

by | Mar 22, 2016 | Lighting

There is something that is almost magical about adding lighting to a landscaped yard. The soft pools of light seem to create their own design, and choosing which elements of the landscape to highlight can give the area a completely different look from daylight to dark, especially when you choose the right solar powered landscape light options.

Solar lighting is the right choice for any established or new areas of a yard or garden. As there is no need to run power to the area from the home or other existing power supply, there is minimal to no need to disturb the flower garden, grassed areas or other features of the landscape.

Instead, look for a system that offers the ability to place the panel, or the solar array, in a place that is out of sight but still carefully selected to maximize exposure to the sun. Cable will run from the solar panel, battery and controller location to the lights, and this can be carefully placed to avoid any disturbance to the area.

Automatic Timers

It is a good idea to consider solar powered landscape light system that provides the option for manual on and off or the use of an auto on and auto off feature. Some of these systems even allow for dual zones, which gives you control over different areas of lighting.

With automatic timers in place you can adjust the on and off time for the seasons, or perhaps switch to manual on and off functions for when you go on vacation, or in the colder months of the year. Remember, though, with the solar power there is no energy use adding to your electricity bill, and the regular on and off of the lights is a good way to signal that the home is lived in and that people are around, even if you may be away.

Different Styles of Lighting Fixtures

For a completely customized design, choose a solar powered landscape light option that allows you to mix and match different types of fixtures and light styles. You can use uplights to bring attention to a tree, fountain or even along a fence or the side of a home.

Spotlights and floodlights are perfect for larger areas of light, and can be used to create a very dramatic look.

Pole, stake or wall-mount types of solar lighting in copper, brass, nickel or bronze metal finishes, as well as black and white colored options, can be used to blend into your landscaping or to make a statement. They are perfect adding that extra touch of style in daylight as well as when the sun goes down.

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