The Materials Used in Sign Design in Arlington, TX

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Business

There are many different materials that you can use to make signs for your business. Depending on who you hire and what type of sign you need, there are many materials that might be appropriate. The signs that are used indoors need to be lightweight so that they can be mounted on walls that are typically not as robust as exterior walls. The signs used for exterior applications need to be resistant to the weather. The signs can be made from plastic, wood, alternative natural materials, metal, and a few other types. Whether they’re interior or exterior signs will determine the sign design.

Exterior Signs

Exterior signs need to be heavy enough that they do not just blow away in a strong wind, and they also need to be mounted against wind and rain. They’ll also need to be protected so that they don’t degrade in the presence of sun, rain, and other weather hazards. Metal signs will need to be painted or finished with some kind of waterproof sealant so that they do not rust. Wood and other natural materials will need to be painted or sealed so that they do not warp and decay over time. The experts in sign design in Arlington, TX will be able to provide you with weather-resistant signs for your business.

You should visit to see which materials and which designs are best for exterior signs.

Interior Signs

Interior signs need to be slightly lighter weight since they’ll likely be mounted on drywall or other lightweight wall materials. Plastic is a common element of interior sign design. Plastic can be made into just about any shape, size, or color imaginable. It will be very lightweight as well.

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