The Different Uses of Sand in Hartford, CT

by | Jun 6, 2015 | Compost

One of the most fundamental building blocks used in landscaping is sand. Sand has multiple uses in a yard. While there are areas where topsoil is needed for plants, the rest of the built-in elements rely on a base of sand. These are some of the projects where sand is used in landscaping.

One of the projects that incorporate Sand in Hartford, CT is the stone or brick pathways. The sand is used to help level the pathways so that the materials used are all at the same height. This helps to prevent tripping. Once the sand is compacted, it creates a strong base that holds the materials in the proper place. After the materials are laid, sand is packed in between components to ensure the materials don’t move when the pathways are walked upon.

Another project that utilizes a great quantity of sand is obtaining the proper grading for the yard. If your yard is sloped to drain toward your home, the sand will help build up this area to provide filtering of water away from the home’s foundation. The amount used depends on how much grading of the slope is needed. It may take a great deal if the yard is really bad. This is done before any landscaping is laid down.

The Sand in Hartford, CT can also be utilized as a main element in some styles of gardens. Japanese and native gardens may use sand as a part of the landscape design. In these situations, the appearance of the sand is an important part of the design. This is the case where you may also look at the color and type of sand used to determine if it is a good fit for these types of designs. The amount of sand used will vary depending on the layout of the gardens.

Sand is really a useful material in landscaping. It is used to level pathways and patios. It can help improve a yard’s grade. It is also a design element in some type of gardens. Visit the website for the different types of sands available for use in your landscaping project.

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