The Beauty Of Double Doors For Home Interiors

If you are one of those people who love the look of the older styles of homes such as those from the Victorian era, the Craftsman or the American foursquare types of homes that followed, double doors in specific interior rooms of the home is probably one of your favorite styles.

Of course, double doors in the interior of the home are not just restricted to those types of homes. Estate types of country homes throughout Europe and the larger private homes in many areas of the world have featured French styles of doors, often of the double style, for centuries.

Adding double doors as interior doors serves several different purposes: it provides a much wider entrance and exit into and out of a room, and it gives a very open look. This is particularly true with French doors, and with all the different options and twists on the traditional small lite versions of the door there is something for any home décor.

The Look of Space

One of the unique features of double doors is the ability to open up and give a very open and spacious touch to even smaller rooms and smaller homes. This is a perfect option between a formal dining room and a living room, or even the dining room and the kitchen.

Additionally, with the increasing demand for media and entertainment rooms in homes, double doors in the right style can give that movie-theater type of look while still being very appealing from both the interior and the exterior of the room. Natural wood in the darker colors of stain is a great addition to these types of spaces.

Add a Touch of Classic Style

As mentioned above, double doors for the interior of the home were very popular in specific design times. These doors are a wonderful touch for a master bedroom to add an elegant touch that sets that room apart from other rooms in the home.

Pairing these interior double doors with balcony or patio doors off the master bedroom, or even with double styles of closet doors for a large walk-in storage area, creates a designer look with a home renovation or a master bedroom upgrade.

Keep in mind that the double doors can feature a more solid look, or they can have larger lights within the design. For additional privacy opaque styles of glass are a natural match and one that adds to the rich look in any space.

With our double doors from Nick’s Building Supply, you can create just the look you want in any interior doorway.

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