The Basics of Ice Luges in Suffolk County NY

by | Jun 23, 2015 | Ice Cube

Vodka ice luges are reminiscent of the frat house and bachelor parties; the drinking fad is popular again and often occurs at dinners and special events, but now it’s classier. They are expensive and physically appealing crystal clear cubes, and spheres are prevalent in creative cocktail bars and the suddenly reappearing obsession stems from that. While ice sculptures were popular in the 80’s, they haven’t been seen much until now. Ice luges are provided for a variety of events and include innovative flavorings.

Many makers like Long Island Ice and Fuel create Ice Luges in Suffolk County NY innovative infused with different flavors of vodka. These luges aren’t just prevalent at pop-up dinners, but they also get guests involved and excited about the process. Instead of the average liquor flavorings, there are now vodkas that have been infused by the establishment. There are flavors such as apple-ginger and pink-peppercorn-radish popping up across the scene.

Luges are crafted with the use of grinding machines, chisels and a chainsaw that cuts down major ice parts to make ice safer. These luges come into contact with something people consume, so it is essential that the luge is safe. Luge orders are now requested by groups throwing holiday parties and couples designing their own weddings. An event that occurs during the winter months in Iowa, called the Icestravaganza revealed ice luge drinks this past year as a special after-hours party for adults.

Many guests are impressed by Ice Luges in Suffolk County NY because they are unique and not seen in many bars or parties. Guests are encouraged to try out different types of vodkas and give their impression of the luge. The drink mixture melts ice as it makes its way through the sculpture, this makes the luge cleaner and allows people to place a cup at the bottom and get a nice, cool drink. It’s important that everyone use their own cup, so drinks are especially sanitary, but the luge could technically be sipped from. As ice luges become more popular, it will be interesting to see what new flavor combinations drink mixers come up with and what new ice luge designs are revealed.

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