The Affordability of a Workers Compensation Attorney in Minneapolis

by | Feb 12, 2015 | Lawyers

If you’re struggling to make ends meet because you were injured in a work-related accident, yet you’ve been unable to capitalize on workers compensation, you’re not alone. However, you’ll have a few different options in front of you. If you want, you can simply let your denial of workers compensation benefits go unanswered. Your other option is to hire a Workers Compensation Attorney in Minneapolis and fight for your needed compensation.

You may be asking yourself how you could possibly afford to hire an attorney, especially if you’re struggling to make ends meet because of lost wages following your accident. It’s a viable question and an understandable one, but one thing you have to understand about a workers compensation attorney is that they won’t get paid for their services unless they have been successful in winning your claim.

It’s also important to understand that pursuant to workers compensation regulations, an attorneys fees cannot exceed $6000. In many cases, this is contingent upon retroactive benefits and the attorney is typically awarded a small percentage of those retroactive benefits. However, the payment can’t exceed $6000 and typically, the payment is less depending on the length of time the benefits were denied.

Another thing which you will need to be aware of when you hire a Workers Compensation Attorney in Minneapolis is that they may charge you certain administrative fees. There’s going to be a certain amount of work that the Workers Compensation Attorney will do in terms of filing papers, researching documents and things of that nature. In this case, the attorney may charge for these services. Fortunately, most workers compensation attorneys understand their clients are in a particular financial situation so they make these fees very minimal and they offer a great deal of flexibility when it comes to paying them off.

If you’re struggling with the denial of workers compensation benefits, yet you feel that you deserve them, you’ll need to find an attorney to speak with. You’re going to find that in the Minneapolis area, there are numerous Worker’s Compensation attorneys. What you’ll need to do is narrow down the choices to a very short list, find the attorneys that have websites, Visit the website, get more information on the attorney and set up consultations. This way you can compare the different attorneys and choose the right one to represent you.

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