Slip on a Rug in a Shop? Hire a Slip and Fall Attorney to Obtain Fair Compensation

by | Nov 11, 2014 | Business

A customer who trips and falls on a frayed rug can suffer serious injuries. A older person can easily fracture a hip, with disastrous consequences. About 25 percent of older people who break a hip die in the first year after the fall. People of any age can experience a concussion if they hit their head in the fall. If a business owner knew the rug was frayed, then he was negligent. That means the injured person can hire a Slip and Fall Attorney to file a claim.

When a person falls in a business, they should file a written report with the supervisor on duty at the time. They should note the date, the time, describe what caused the accident and how they were hurt. If they don’t make a report immediately, it may be difficult to prove it happened at a later date. Their Slip And Fall Attorney will also find out if the store uses video surveillance and request a copy of the video including the fall.

The person should get the appropriate medical care as soon as possible. This will minimize any injury. It also helps prove the injury was caused by the fall. The attorney will work with the doctors to determine how much the injured person’s medical bills will cost. If the injury will last for the rest of the person’s life, then the damages will have to be sufficient to cover that. They also must cover the impact of emotional trauma. When an older person falls, it can lead to a loss of independence and depression. Damages can also be used to compensate for pain and suffering. If the person is still working, it can also be used to compensate for lost income.

Claims for damages are filed with the business owner’s insurance company. This companies make a profit by paying out as little as possible in claims. They will try to show the injured person was limited in their mobility prior to the fall. Therefore, the accident was not the cause. The injured person’s lawyer will know how to counter this claim. Many times insurance companies will settle a claim fairly if they see the person has strong legal help. Law Offices Of Burton J. Hass is a law firm that provides these kinds of services.

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