Seeking the Services of Custom Plastisol Transfer Vendors? Contact Us Here at Gulfside Heat Transfers

Here, at Gulfside Heat Transfers, we make every effort to satisfy our customer’s heat transfer and apparel printing needs. We know that customizing a T-shirt can be simple or complex. That is why, among custom plastisol transfer vendors, we offer premium design and transfer services.

To understand why we toot our own horn regarding our products quality and customer service compared to other custom plastisol transfer vendors, you would have to review our product offerings. Not only do we provide individual heat press designs for imaging or lettering needs, our product offerings allow printers to print only the apparel that is required for each heat transfer order.

Therefore, among custom plastisol transfer vendors, you can count on us here at Gulf Stream Heat Transfers to supply you with the heat transfer images that will support your apparel printing needs.

How Plastisol is used for Silk Screening

As custom plastisol transfer vendors, we supply synthetic inks made from a combination of plasticizers and PVC. This combination is not soluble in water and therefore does not dry out, which simplifies the silkscreen printing process. As a result, plastisol inks are often, if not broadly, used in the production of shirts.

Plastisol inks provide exceptionally vivid hues that will not fade over hundreds of wash cycles. When you use our plastisol inks for heat transfer, you apply the inks before they are run through an oven and dryer to cure and set the ink.

Use Our Services Weekly or Every Now and Then

By aligning yourself with our services, we can prove you a competitive advantage in the marketplace, as well as provide full heat transfer services on a routine or as-needed basis.

Heat transfer printing, as all custom plastisol transfer vendors know, requires the use of a heat transfer press. This machine is used for apparel ink applications. All the colors are applied by heat transfer simultaneously rather than individually. This method replaces having the colors applied individually before drying them.

Reduce Waste and Make More Money

When the press is used a printer one or a hundred customized designs can be incorporated on t-shirts or other flat fabrics. Set-up price is affordable as you only have to buy the transfers for each design. Waste is reduced as shirts are only printed when needed.

The transfer, whether using plastisol or another ink, is an image in reverse that is printed onto a release paper. The paper, along with the apparel, goes into the press. Both pressure and heat from the machine transfer an image or design onto the apparel.

If you want to make a transfer in plastisol ink then, you can check out our services among custom plastisol transfer vendors. We, at Gulfside Heat Transfers, can provide other kinds of inked transfers too.

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