Securing Your Choice of Solar Panel Installer

There are plenty of solar panel companies out there today and it’s hard to nail down exactly which one is the right one for you. For the most part, the difficulty stems from the fact that very few people know much about solar panels, so they don’t really know what to look for in a solar company. There are definitely plenty of differences between solar companies, but mostly those differences come down to preferences. Occasionally a specific company may not be able to do a certain job, or may be more capable of certain types of installations than others, but generally speaking most companies are reputable and offer very similar services. When you’re looking at different solar companies in NJ, the easiest way to determine if a company is the right fit is by their price. If they fit in your budget and have a good reputation, you’re golden. However, there’s a few other money matters that you may not think about.

Under Warranty

Most panels come with some kind of manufacturer warranty. Before employing a specific company, find out about the panels they use. Look them up, see how well they perform, and most importantly read into the warranty. If they’re well covered under warranty, chances are you have a good product and you won’t need to worry if something goes wrong.

Get Your Rebate

You may be considering solar power simply because you’ve heard about government rebates on solar installation expenses. These can really save you huge amounts of money on your solar panels. However, there’s a catch. Not all panels are covered under these government rebate options. That’s why you should look into the government rebate information and find out what kind of panels it applies to. Make sure that the company doing your installation supplies those kinds of panels, or you’ll be out of luck on collecting your rebate. Visit for more details.

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