Putting In Place A Restaurant Fire Suppression System In Iowa

by | Mar 7, 2015 | Business

If you have a restaurant, you should be aware of certain facts. Every day, as you work happily in the kitchen, fires are occurring in commercial kitchens across the nation. They happen approximately 1,000 times each and every day. If a grease fire erupts in your commercial kitchen, you cannot simply throw water on it. Water does not work – nor does a water fire extinguisher. You need something to smother the flames. You need a good system for restaurant fire suppression. In Iowa, this means eliminating entirely what is fueling the flames.

Basic Requirements of a Restaurant Fire Suppression System

According to professionals such as the Getz Fire Equipment Company, once a grease fire takes hold, it can prove very costly. This means what you need to do to protect your livelihood and save lives is to install a restaurant fire suppression system in Iowa that is effective. It will help you to get rid of the source of the fire and smother the flames. This means it must provide the following with some form of fire protection:

* Appliances

* Exhaust hoods

* Ducts

They need to be designed to address the specific fire protection needs required by grease, oil and possibly electrical fires. As a result, it is essential that you choose the right type of restaurant fire suppressions systems. In Iowa, you need to and are legally obliged to have at least a system that utilizes a wet chemical fire extinguishing agent.

Complete Restaurant Fire Suppressions Systems

If you want to protect your facilities as well as everyone who is on the premises, you need to make sure the system you choose is complete. It needs to have not only a wet chemical fire extinguishing substance but also:

* Automatic heat sensitive detector

* Automatic heat detector response

* Gas (if the fuel of the appliances) shut off device

* Electric shut off device – automatically occurs

* Fuse link detection mechanism

* Agent tanks containing wet chemical fire extinguishing agents

* Nozzles to discharge the chemicals onto the fire placed strategically in the kitchen

* Manual pull station – in case of problems with the system

* Manual fire extinguisher – as a back-up to the system

Such systems will save you time and provide the protection you and your staff require. You may pull the manual alarm to alert everyone, but the automatic restaurant fire suppression system will do practically everything else. It will call the fire department. It will shut off critical gas and electrical services. It will start to spray the affected areas with the wet chemical spray. This last action will prevent the fire from spreading and the foam that is created by the reaction will prevent further flames from developing.

Do Not Forget

It is important for you to install the right system for restaurant fire suppression. In Iowa, however, companies like the Getz Fire Equipment Company also know the system is only as good as its condition. No matter how good a system you may have, it can fail if you do not take care of it. It is your moral and legal duty to ensure your staff and clients are safe by keeping the system maintained. Make sure your kitchen equipment is cleaned frequently and your restaurant fire suppression system is checked regularly by a professional.

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