Proximity Cards for Enhanced Identification and Access Control

by | Jun 25, 2015 | Security Systems

You may own a business in which you would like to extend special offers to loyal customers. Perhaps you are a part of an organization that sponsors special invite-only events. You may be the head of an organization that has restricted access to certain areas or, perhaps you may need to implement a secure employee identification system with limited access to designated systems. Proximity cards provide a useful and convenient way to control access to locations or systems while also serving as a way to authenticate the identity of the card holder.  authenticate the identity of the card holder. 

How Proximity Cards Work

Each card contains a set of integrated circuits which are programmed with a specific set of numbers. The interior also holds a coiled antenna that gives them the capacity to be read by a compatible system scanner without having to physically swipe them over the reader. The antenna increases the range from which the cards may be read. A transmitter sends out a radio frequency signal which is detected by the card reader. Programmed ID data contains information about the card holder which is used to establish and authenticate the ID.

A Variety of Options Available

Proximity cards have the capacity for holding several different applications. They may contain specific data for authenticating the holder. They can be created with or without picture identification. The type of access is specified within the programming. The security levels required can be predetermined with varying levels, depending upon the requirements of the company or organization setting up the access control system.

Formatting and appearance options are also available. This is a feature which helps in making authentic or genuine cards easily distinguishable from counterfeit versions. Companies and organizations may use their own logos and brands to design the cards. Specialized security features include the use of holographic images and other types of unique attributes, which are difficult for the average counterfeiter to duplicate.

Badge Express carries a ull line of proximity cards in a variety of different formats and options to choose from. They also supply useful accessories such as lanyards in an assortment of colors and styles, badge holders, badge clips, badge punches and other necessities. These things are helpful in preparing the cards for immediate use by the designated personnel. If you are unsure about which type of access control system and card will work best for your company, consult with a professional in the industry to learn more about which products will best meet your company’s security requirements.


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