Printers – Should You Lease or Buy?

Are you having problems with your office printers in Charlotte? Maybe they’re outdated or need frequent repairs. It’s possible they’ve outlived their usefulness, and it’s time to think about new printing machines. However, you have some important decisions to make. Do you really want to buy your printing equipment or should you lease through a managed print service? Let’s look at the options for both choices.

The Cost of Buying

If you buy high-quality machines that can scan, print, and copy, you could be facing a large investment. This is especially true if your office or offices need more than one printer. For example, if you have offices on two different floors, it’s very inconvenient to have only one printing machine. You’ll increase efficiency when you have a machine on each floor.

Buying – Upgrades and Replacements

If you spend a lot of money on printers, you’ll need to keep them for several years. In fact, you may want to own the same machine for at least five years to recoup your investment. However, after three years, many printing machines are outdated, and you could benefit from new equipment, but you’ll probably choose to keep the old machines until they start giving you problems. This strategy can cost you money and reduce efficiency.


When you lease your printers in Charlotte, you don’t pay a lot upfront. Most leasing agreements have monthly payments, so that’s the only expense you have to budget for. You never have to worry about maintenance or repairs. Your leasing company takes care of all maintenance issues, and you don’t have to pay extra when repairs are needed.

If you own your equipment, you’ll be responsible for maintenance and repairs after the factory warranty runs out. This can cost you a great deal of money, and you may have to put up with extensive downtime.

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