Portable Storage Trailer Types

by | Nov 26, 2014 | Business

Are you planning on moving soon or just need extra storage space? Portable storage units may be just the answer you are looking for. A portable storage unit or Storage Trailer is used anywhere for a cost effective, convenient, and versatile solution to all of your storage needs. If you need one or more units on site at your home or business, portable storage units are what you need. Perhaps you need the unit for just a few days or several months. It doesn’t matter how long you need it. A company like MODS (Mobile On Demand Storage) of NY can handle any scenario you can come up with! They will even help you set up a trailer for an office on a construction site. The company will deliver and install the trailer according to your specifications. For your peace of mind, all office trailers are set up to meet all OSHA standards as well as local building codes.

One of the more popular storage solutions are ground level containers for on-site storage. There are different sizes you can pick from for either short term or long term leases. You can even buy the unit if you are sure you storage problem is relatively permanent. These containers are constructed from anti-corrosion, high tensile strength Corten steel. Weathering steel is best known under the trademark name Corten steel, and it is a group of alloys that doesn’t need painting for protection from the weather. Containers have double doors outfitted with locking bars and an anti-theft padlock cowl. These units are available in 40 ft., 20 ft., or 10 ft. lengths.

A Road or Storage Trailer can be used for both storing and transporting excess inventory. These trailers are perfect for moving large amounts of supplies or stock to another location. They are made to give you easy access to a loading dock which is very convenient. These units can be leased for long or short terms, or you can purchase one either new or used. These units can be used to move everything your business needs such as supplies, materials, finished products, equipment, and excess inventory. You can also order easily installed shacks known as Shanties for storage of tools and materials. You may also be interested in Custom Fabricated Units that can be customized to precisely fit your needs. For more information visit us.

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