OEM Pressure Sensors – Features and the Market

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) suppliers make pressure sensors and other transducer components for manufacturing industries’ end products. An OEM pressure sensors are ideal for very low flow rates of gasses in HVAC applications. Other uses include small leak detection and pressure null detection systems. The sensor can be mounted inside an enclosure with a customized configuration for customers’ OEM applications including, lead wire Length, color, pressure port, operating temperature range and FS pressure range.

Unique Features
A supplier will work with customers to define the transducer requirements needed for a particular application. Unique features associated with OEM pressure sensors includes low-cost OEM transducer, low acceleration sensitivity, custom pressure ports (optional), full-scale differential pressure ranges as low as 0.008 psi and equal pressure inlet volumes.

Selecting a Manufacturer
There are reputable, leaders that manufacture variable reluctance pressure transducers. Customers can expect transducers that are sensitive to very low pressures, durable and available in a wide range of custom configurations. The market demand for pressure transducers and sensors includes medical, steel and gas plants, oil field core testing, chemical analyzers, automotive, aviation and research laboratories.

Sensing Change
As the market for OEM pressure sensors and other product applications continue to move forward, it drives manufacturers to market new innovative products. OEM users of pressure sensors now have options to choose variable reluctance sensing technology at an attractive cost point. One newer product line offers a feature-rich enhancement to OEM customers. The second product line offers a streamlined set of features compared to the traditional products but at a lower cost.

The new products combine the rugged sensor and compact form factor that accepts air, inert gases and hydrocarbon-based liquids that are important features in the newer low-cost product lines. Customers that require hydraulic pressure measurement, low-pressure air flow systems and other applications that involve pressures below 5 In H20 should take a look at these newer products.

The OEM product manufacturing market is competitive, and suppliers are continuing to find creative ways to produce cost effective, low-cost differential pressure sensors capable of accepting gases and liquids. This benefits manufacturers and controls costs to the end consumer.

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