Many Real Life Applications of the Accelerometer in the World Today

by | Feb 27, 2015 | Business

An accelerometer is a device designed to do exactly what it sounds like. Simply put, it is used for accelerator measurement. It can also be used for measuring the impact of gravity on acceleration. During these measurements, it can provide additional information about aspects such as the vibrations, shock, and inclination produced by the acceleration. With many advancements being made in the fields of science and technology, these devices are available in portable designs that boast easy set up and operation.

Piezoelectric, Piezoresistive, and Capacitive Accelerometers

These three components are the main ones used in any accelerometer of any commercial device.

Piezoelectric accelerometers have an unmatched high temperature and upper frequency range as well as low packaged weight: Piezoresistive accelerometers are the preferred component in high-shock applications: Capacitive accelerometers display superior performance in the low frequency range and can be operated to achieve high linearity as well as high stability due to their silicon micro-machined sensing elements.

MEMS Device

Modern Accelerometer are commonly referred to as MEMS, or Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems devices. This simple accelerometer is able to perform with a cantilever beam and circuit that has been designed for the special task of detecting the occurrence of deflection sensing. This device uses the beam to measure the locomotion rate associated with seismic mass or proof in accordance with the deflection rate.

The MEMS Device is designed with a single, dual, or triple axis. The type used depends on what is being done. Each functions slightly differently when measuring vibrations, shock, and locomotion in a number of different scenarios.

Accelerometer Applications

This device is highly versatile and is designed for use in many different real world applications. It has become crucial in nearly every field of science and technology including:

* Building and Structural Monitoring
* Navigation and Transport
* Biology and Volcanology
* Industry and Engineering
* Medical Applications
* Consumer Electronics
* Gravimetry

These general areas are applied in many different ways. In the automotive industry, it is used in measuring overall vibration on new designs of vehicles to ensure that it is up to par with industry and company standards. In construction and building renovation, the device can be used ensure that the building can withstand seismic shocks or other such activities in accordance with local building codes. It has become a crucial component in personal gaming and other media devices as it maintains a reasonable degree of interactive control between the user and the program being used. In addition, it makes the process of switching angles of display and modes possible to do quickly and seamlessly. This device is also used in computers and laptops to measure and control shock so that your hard drive does not simply crash.

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