Making Sense of Complete Project Management

by | Jun 30, 2015 | Business

The project management process for Houston businesses can be daunting at best, especially when you are facing a strict deadline or working with limited funds. You may be required to venture into unfamiliar territory or assess risks which were not previously considered. There are a variety of different processes on an overall development project which will need to be handled. The project manager will certainly have his or her work cut out for them. But what does a company do if they have no internal project manager?

Finding an External Project Management Company

ZAETRIC Business Solutions LLC is where a company turns if they do not have an internal project management staff. The experience brought to the table by the outsourcing can keep your company on track to meet deadlines and satisfy demands from shareholders. Most complete projects are broken down into two phases; the enabling process and the facilitating process. Together these lead towards initiating a plan, implanting that plan, monitoring its progress, adapting where needed and finally closing the project.

  • Scope, schedule, budget and quality are all part of the enabling process and will be the initial considerations a team will look at to see if a deadline is realistic for the amount of planning that will be involved.
  • Contract, team and stakeholder management, information collection and risk assessment all fall into the facilitating process. Assuming the enabling process is able to be put into motion, the facilitating process will be sure you have the manpower to complete it.

Depending on your company and how you plan to move forward, you may not require every phase of the project management process for Houston businesses listed above. In fact, many companies can make do with 5 or fewer, especially if there are no stakeholders involved, tight schedules or limited budgets.

Keeping your Project Management Processes Current

Again, depending on your type of business and the overall company direction, you may or may not be faced with having to establish multiple projects throughout the year. In each case, doing the heavy research in advance can always ensure a successful outcome. Without planning and information collection, your project can crumble before it even gets off the ground. Relying on ZAETRIC Business Solutions LLC is a wise choice for anyone as they have the experience and knowledge needed to make this a smooth and easy ordeal for you and your employees.

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