Making Advance Plans for a Memorial Service in Debary FL

The idea of making final arrangements well before they are needed is common today. Many people focus on matters like securing a plot and choosing a casket, or settling on cremation and selecting an urn. Along with these important elements of the advance planning, it never hurts to give some attention to the Memorial Service in Debary FL. Here are some tips that will help with the process.

The Location

Identifying the right place for the Memorial Service in Debary FL is a good place to start. If the arrangements are being made through a funeral home, it is easy enough to plan for the use of one of the chapels at the facility. Some people may prefer to have a shorter service that takes place at the grave site. For those who are affiliated with a community organization or a house of worship, arranging for the service to be held in one of those venues is a possibility. Choosing a location in advance means one less decision that grieving loved ones have to make.

The Order of Service

Not everyone thinks about planning the order for the memorial service in advance. Leaving behind the order will make it all the easier for loved ones to ensure those wishes are followed to the letter. Obtain help from a member of the clergy or the funeral director and choose the elements for the memorial. Feel free to include instructions for music to play as everyone gathers, select hymns for those assembled to sing, and include readings that help to celebrate life and offer solace at the same time. Allowing a portion of the service for loved ones to share their memories can also be a powerful way to include others and help them comfort one another.

Keeping Copies of the Arrangements

Copies of all the plans for the memorial service can be left in the hands of the funeral director. Duplicates can also be kept in a strong box at home, with an attorney, or even in a safety deposit box at a bank. Make sure loved ones know where to find the documents and there will be no question about how the service should be structured.

For help with every aspect of advance planning, talk with the team at Baldauff Family Funeral Home & Crematory. They can ensure everything is arranged properly and also make it possible to pay for those plans in advance.

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