Locking Shred Bins Will Help to Secure Your Network

by | Feb 6, 2015 | Business

Your business depends on information to operate. That information can also kill your business and disrupts people’s lives if it is not secured properly. There are several layers of security that your business needs. Your physical business, your data and your network all needs a layer of protection.

The first area of security is your property. In order to prevent your store from being broken into, you need an alarm system. There are several types of systems available. The best form of physical security is a monitoring system that when triggered, a call centre will give you and your local police a call.

The second layer of security is network security. You need to make sure you have the proper settings on your firewall correct to prevent outside hackers from getting into your system. You also need to control who has access to what system. This can be done using a user account system. Make sure you periodically change all necessary passwords to keep former employees out of your system.

Furthermore, remove old user accounts of people who no longer work for your company. Once your networks are secured, you will need special security for your documents. Before the Internet introduced new attack vectors in our network security, people used hack into networks by researching companies. This research included dumpster diving. This is why you must provide physical security to your trash and Shred Bins. All three layers of security to your business are interlinked. If one link in your security chain fails your company is vulnerable.

Paper shredding is very important to the security of your business. People can retrieve enough data from your trash to be able to guess passwords or pose as employees from another branch of your company. Colonel Oliver North made the paper shredder famous in the late 1980s. This had kept our national security intact and may have saved lives. Shredding your paperwork may one day save your business. Make sure that when you contract with a paper shredding company that they can provide locking Shred Bins. If they don’t, insist that they use your locking shred bins.

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