Keep Your Belongings Clean And Safe With A Travel Luggage Protector

by | Mar 28, 2016 | Business

Keeping your luggage and belongings safe from bed bug infestations and other disasters is a very important consideration that many people are justly concerned about when they go places. Bed bugs not only cause intense itchiness, but they can also cause allergic reactions in some people. However, this is only one of the things that can happen to your luggage while you are traveling. If you would like to ensure that your valuable suitcases, clothing and other belongings stay in good condition, then the most responsible thing that you as the owner can do is to get a travel luggage protector.

What Is A Travel Luggage Protector?

When you travel, you never know what kind of environment and conditions your luggage might be exposed to, especially if you are staying at a hotel or motel or are traveling to a foreign country. A travel luggage protector is a sleeve made from a stretchy material that fits around your luggage and zips up the side, providing an impenetrable barrier for any bed bugs or dust mites that may be in the environment waiting to get into your suitcase and clothing. The luggage protector stretches and provides a tight, secure fit, keeping your luggage looking neat and preventing it from sagging or adding extra weight. To ensure a complete barrier free from any small openings that a bed bug might enter through, each luggage protector is made using a combination of zippers and hooks.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Travel Luggage Protector?

There are several reasons why you should get travel luggage protectors for your suitcases. Here are two of them:

-Certified Bed Bug And Dust Mite Repellant – When bed bugs get into your belongings, it is not fun. Travel luggage protectors are constructed out of materials that have been thoroughly tested by entomologists, to ensure that no bed bug can penetrate the fabric.

-Flame Retardant – Although you may think that it could never happen to you, the reality is that fires are a real danger to your luggage. They are often caused by smoldering cigarettes or cigars that come in close contact with the flammable material and even if you do not smoke, you may be near someone who does and you want to make sure your luggage and belongings are safe. Travel luggage protectors are made form a special material that is certified to be flame retardant.

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