Inviting All Employees And Managers To Play A Business Management Game

by | Jan 19, 2015 | Business

In the business environment of today more emphasis is being placed on team decision making, problem solving, and capitalizing on the abilities, skills and talents of each employee. Providing everyone in the company with an opportunity to enhance their decision making skills is only one benefit to playing a business management game with the entire organization.

Team building is another major benefit to playing a business management game with the entire staff. This includes the sales professionals, the office staff and even the management team. When the whole team is a mix of different departments, employee and management levels, and even staff from different offices there is a real opportunity to build that sense of connectedness and organizational strength that simply isn’t available through lecture style skill development programs.

Everyone is a Manager to Some Degree

While some people in an organization, company or business will have the official title of manager, in any business all employees will make specific decisions that have an impact on the company.

By inviting all staff to participate in a business management game, which is a simulation of a real business, every member of the group gains a deeper understanding of effective problem solving, decision making and communication. In addition, they also understand through actually playing through decisions made, how each level of decisions either works to help “win” or contributes to a setback or loss.

Teamwork through a Business Management Game

Creating effective teams is a challenge in any group of professionals, but playing a business management game and then actually observing the interactions of different people at the game can be highly insightful.

Through the game you will be able to identify who is a natural leader, which staff members are effective communicators, who is gifted at problems solving and so on through each of the skills that is highlighted through the game.

This then provides the upper management team an insight into potential team building and organization within the company. Since these upper level managers are involved in the business management game as well they will get a very close look at the skills, talents and abilities of all levels of staff in a fun, interactive and unique way.

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