International Hiring: The Risks and Rewards of Looking Outside America for Employees

by | May 23, 2017 | Business

Your employees are an integral part of your organization. There is great rewards to bringing on the best people that are available to you. Not all of the best people are from the United States, and sometimes your search for talent can take you into international searches. This allows you to find the best people for the job, but it does come with some risks that you will need to manage.

Timeliness, Effort, and Money

It can take a lot of time to follow due process to get an employee hired and working. They will need to go through many different hoops to get a work visa, and this step will be time intensive for you as well. The delay in hiring may be something that changes your mind when it comes to international employees. Time sensitive things, like big projects and start-ups are going to be most impacted by this delay.

The process of sponsoring a work visa is also going to take a lot of effort from you. There are going to be a number of documents for you to fill out, and the government will be looking for detailed information on your potential employee. This can cut into hours that are usually spent running your business.

It can cost quite of bit of money to hire an international employee. However, it may end up being worthwhile if they are expecting a lower salary. In some cases, the pure value they will be adding to your team is worth the money to sponsor and move an employee to the US.

Is it Worth It

The value that you gain through this employee is something you must be comfortable with. In Fort Lauderdale, private investigators can be used to make sure your candidate is being truthful in their capabilities. This can give you piece of mind that your decision is going to be what is best for the company, even with the risks and effort involved in making it happen.

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