Important Tips That You May Not Get At CDL Training Schools

by | Dec 8, 2014 | Business

When it comes to obtaining a commercial drivers license most people often talk about the exams and tests drivers need to take before getting on the road. However, not too many CDL Training Schools discuss what drivers should know once they begin working and moving shipments. New drivers are often overwhelmed and have no clue as to what they should expect. The following are a couple of tips that all new CDL drivers should know.

For starters, out of all of the people you work with you should focus on building some type of relationship with your dispatcher. Most dispatchers are very experienced which means they know more about what’s going on than you. Get familiar with your dispatcher so that they can become familiar with you. CDL drivers often contact dispatchers when they have questions or concerns about shipments or schedules. You’ll come to depend on your dispatcher quite a bit once you begin driving.

Food is going to be an issue while you’re on the road. When you’re at home you can go into the fridge and grab whatever you’d like when you’re hungry, or you could drive over to the grocery store to pick up something. However, many CDL Training Schools don’t tell you that when you’re on the road good food is hard to come by. Experienced drivers have learned to create on-the-go meals that are inexpensive, healthy, and convenient. Stock up on nutritious foods that are non-perishable and easy to cook.

Lastly, as a new driver you should always accept loads offered to you. CDL drivers never know what kinds of jobs they’re going to be offered or when these jobs will be available. Many times you may unexpectedly be offered a load to deliver; if this happens, accept the load just like you would at any other time. Accepting these offers shows your company that you’re a reliable and dedicated driver with a strong work ethic.

These are just a few of the tips you may not learn while studying for your CDL license. Again, get familiar with the dispatcher because you’re going to rely on them quite a bit. Remember to focus on making your own food while out making deliveries, and be prepared to accept loads at any time. Experts at Star Truck Driving School can provide you with more insider information.

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