How You Can Incorporate Customized Magnets into Your Marketing Strategy

by | Jun 23, 2015 | Business

One of the best ways to advertise your company, your services, or even a political campaign is by giving out free stuff. Many promotional items, such as customized magnets, are cheaper to produce than other traditional advertising materials, such as TV and print ads. Unlike print ads that can be easily crumpled or thrown out, or TV ads that impress but are soon forgotten, magnets can sit on your refrigerator for months on end. Even if one day they aren’t noticed, the next day they could be front and center in someone’s line of sight.

What kinds of customized magnets are available? If you have a pizza shop, there are pizza-shaped magnets. If you run a pharmacy, you can order a magnet shaped like a mortar and pestle. Realtors can find magnets that look like “For Sale” signs (or, even better, “Sold!” signs), or even houses, and politicians can hand out magnets shaped like ballots. If you’re going for a splashy look, you can have a colorful picture included on a rectangular magnet, be it in a landscape or portrait style.

Flexibility in Design

There are really few limits to what you can get with customized magnets. After all, they wouldn’t be truly “customizable” if there were many limits, right? Creativity is a hallmark of successful advertising, so feel free to choose a design that fits your business. The flashier the magnet, the more likely it is that those who put it on their fridge will notice it more often. It helps if your business deals with food, because yours will be the first business a hungry customer thinks of when checking the refrigerator.

Effective Advertising on the Cheap

How much does it cost to produce such magnets? That depends on design complexity, coloring and style, and also the size of the order. As stated before, it will be much less than other traditional advertising methods and last longer. Generally, each magnet will cost much less than a dollar to produce so that even in mass quantities, you’re not going to pay too much. You’re more likely to pay more and get less for newspaper ads and television spots than you would for magnets. The value they bring is undeniable.

That value will pay out over the long term, in many different homes and settings. Magnets can sit for quite a long time without deteriorating. They can move with you from home to home, and from appliance to appliance. If you’re looking for advertising merchandise that will stand the test of time, then you need magnets as part of your marketing strategy. They literally stick around for quite a long time, they’re reusable and incredibly cheap. Before you go for more expensive promotional items, give magnets a try.

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