How to Protect Your Business with a Fire Alarm System

by | Aug 24, 2016 | Business

It’s important that every business has a fire alarm system installed, especially a business such as a restaurant that includes stoves and ovens. Even if you don’t use any equipment that produces an open flame, it’s possible your heating system or hot-water tank uses gas. Then you also have to worry about nearby buildings catching fire. But you have to do more than simply have a fire alarm system in place to protect your business.

Test the System Regularly

Most people know to test the batteries in their smoke alarms once a year, but if you have a business, you want to go one step farther. Check everything including the batteries, the fire alarm cable, the electrical cable if your alarms are wired into the electrical system, and every other part to make certain nothing has been damaged.

Make Sure Detectors Are in the Right Places

Your smoke detectors need to be positioned in areas where fires are likely to start. This includes in the kitchen, near the furnace, and other places. You may have to run fire alarm cable through the ceiling or along a wall in order to get the smoke detectors to these locations, but it’s worth the work to protect your business.

Update the System as Needed

If you notice your fire alarm cable looks frayed or that your smoke detectors have been in use for a decade or more, it might be time to update your system. Doing so will make certain that you replace any damaged part of the system that is out of sight and difficult to check regularly, plus you’ll be able to install the latest in fire alarm technology. This update could provide you with a substantial increase in protection if your fire alarm system is fairly old.

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