How Often Should You Seek Commercial Carpet Cleaning

by | Aug 16, 2016 | Business

Businesses are different and so is their need for carpet cleaning. Clean office carpets provide a conducive environment for the workers. A clean environment fosters work performance and productivity. It reduces lost man-hours that occur due to sick days. When it comes to seeking commercial carpet cleaning, many factors come into play. And, while you should schedule the cleaning often to avoid building up of dust, grime, mildew, mold and dirt, there are also other things to look at.

Consider the type of business
The kind of business you run will play a part in determining the amount of wear and tear witnessed on your carpet. The foot traffic that your office carpet receives also determines the level of dust and debris accumulation.  For example, if you have a garage and your office is in the premises, people may trap grease and engine oils onto the carpets when they enter the office.

Weather elements
In time of bad weather, your office carpets will be soiled faster and frequently. This is because people will track in more dirt and moisture. You may have to clean your carpet more often if it rains frequently. This is to ensure that the dirt, mud, and moisture do not damage it further.

The kind of carpet
Some carpet materials trap dirt and dust faster than others. Depending on the fabric or material used to design the office carpet, you may find that you will need to clean it frequently or occasionally. When choosing your office carpet, you want to look for those that do not trap a lot of dirt to minimize on the cost of carpet cleaning.

There may be no rule of thumb on how often you should schedule carpet cleanup services. It can be anywhere from a monthly routine to a yearly cleanup to every 18 months. However, if the traffic is heavy, a six months schedule may work out for you. Otherwise, it may be sooner or later than this depending on how quickly dirt accumulates on the carpet.

Always ensure you seek a professional carpet cleaning company that offers effective services at affordable prices.

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