Harness the Power of a Calendar Plug-in

by | Jun 29, 2015 | Business

What can an event calendar plug-in do for your enterprise? You may be surprised at all the benefits of such a seemingly simple feature. This is an affordable and efficient solution that could actually end up being your staff’s favorite tool. From promotional and marketing efforts, to ease of use for both your staff and audience, it has it all. Just check out the benefits of these events features and see why they are such a big deal.

Enhancing the Experience

When people visit your website, are they able to find things directly and quickly? A choppy and hard-to-navigate webpage is a huge marketing killer because no one wants to waste time on a poorly-designed site. There are plenty of other options out there nowadays, so why should a visitor linger on your page for a bit longer? With these plug-ins, more businesses are finding that they are more appealing to consumers and their own loyal staff and visitors. It brings a whole new dynamic to your company’s offerings. Events and happenings are easy to spot and include all the crucial information people need. Dates, times, descriptions, prices, and locations are right there so they can get what they want without any effort.

Powerful Promotion

These plug-ins also make promoting yourself easier than ever before. First of all, the calendar is right there on your homepage so folks do not have to navigate annoying scroll bars and drop-down menus. Moreover, you can upload content just once and have it shared with your business partners. That is right; your content is shared not only on your website but on the pages of your partners as well. That means greater sharing capabilities, more outreach, and communication with a much wider audience. Individuals and groups can share with family, friends, and colleagues through social media, emails and instant messages and other online platforms.

A Variety of Versatility

Finally, you can seamlessly incorporate these calendars into your homepage with attractive templates and custom designs. Great options include widget menus, event frames, and skillfully-designed templates. If you want to go for something more unique, try a custom template that can be converted to an API feed that is user-friendly and fully-comprehensive. These are even compatible with mobile devices! There are loads of possibilities that allow you to portray yourself with accuracy across all platforms. Get started today to see these benefits in no time at all!

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