Give Your Treasured Pieces a New Look with Reupholstering

by | Nov 8, 2017 | Wallpaper and Coverings

If you have a family heirloom chair, couch or loveseat that has seen better days, you’ve no doubt wondered about what reupholstering could do for it. While modern furniture pieces are often better off replaced, the cherished pieces of the past are worth preserving and updating. If you want to pass your favorite chair on to your own children and grandchildren – but want it to have a slightly less worn and outdated look – consider installing designer upholstery fabric and giving it a fresh new look for the coming generations.

Why Reupholster?

In an age where many things are created to be replaced, it is sometimes easy to forget that the furniture pieces of yesteryear were made to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, those crafted from fabric don’t always stand the test of time. With a little care and attention – and some skilled reupholstering – they can be brought back to their original beauty, and then some!

Some benefits of reupholstering include:

  • Bringing new life to aged furniture.
  • Restoring value to your antiques.
  • Updating the look of a room without replacing furniture.
  • Avoiding more costly repairs, replacement or loss of cherished pieces.

Where to Buy Your Fabric

Most retailers that sell wall coverings, paint and other home improvement supplies also deal in designer upholstery fabric. Ask your local merchant for details about their offerings, but don’t be afraid to take your search online, as well. If you’re looking for the best and most beautiful fabric you can find to refinished a beloved piece, not just anything will do. Keep your eyes open for timeless yet modern patterns and color palettes, and shop with more specialized retailers to browse the top designs available.

The fraying of fabric doesn’t have to be the end of your family’s favorite furniture. Consider reupholstering your treasured pieces this year, and make them last for many more to come.

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