Get Healthy with a Desk Cycle Exercise Bike

by | May 29, 2018 | Business

Have you ever been working out at the gym and wished you could get more done at the same time? Have you been neglecting exercise because your schedule has become too full? If you are looking for a new, innovative way to get some exercise done while you do other tasks, the desk cycle exercise bike could be a great investment. It has a spacious and sturdy desk that can support your laptop or reading materials. You can also use it as a standing desk or as a bike desk. If you want to start indoor cycling to get fit and increase your strength and endurance, you should consider some of the great features this indoor bike has for you.

User-friendly Bike Features to Note

  • Different resistance levels: You can pace yourself according to your fitness goals and your current stage. There are eight levels of resistance that you can select from. It’s a simple and straightforward dial, so you don’t have to take too much time understanding different settings as with other exercise equipment.
  • Quiet and smooth: This exercise bike is great for using at home or at the office. You can cycle without making noise and disturbing others around you because of the whisper-quiet pedal system.
  • Adjustable height: You can adjust the height of the bike easily. This also makes it easy to share it with other people.
  • Ergonomics: This bike was designed with ergonomics in mind. It is very easy to set up, adjust, and move around. It is also comfortable, stylish, and modern.

Many Americans have sedentary jobs. If you’re not putting in some exercise into your evenings and weekends, you are putting yourself at increased risk of disease. With a desk cycle exercise bike, you can now multitask and sneak a bit of exercise into your work time. For more visit FlexiSpot.

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