Frequently Asked Questions About Pool Service In Billerica MA

by | Jun 10, 2015 | Swimming Pools and Spas

If you love your swimming pool, but you despise the job of opening and closing it each year, contact a professional company that specializes in pool service in Billerica MA. A qualified pool technician can quickly get your pool ready for the season and perform the tasks to close it down at the end of the year. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn about hiring an experienced company to service your pool.

Q.) What does a pool technician do when opening the pool for the summer?

A.) After removing the pool cover, the technician will take out the winter plugs and turn on the filtration system. If necessary, the technician will set up the diving board, rails and ladder. To complete the process, the technician will add the proper chemicals to the pool, such as a shock treatment, a chemical that fights algae and a solution that balances the water.

Q.) What does a pool technician do when closing the pool for the winter?

A.) To ensure that your pool is ready for the cold months, the technician will first remove the rails, diving board and ladder. After removing the water from the plumbing lines, the technician will plug the end of each line. The water is drained from the pump and the filter equipment so that it doesn’t freeze inside the components during the winter. After the winterizing chemicals are added to the pool, the technician will place the cover over the top of the pool.

Q.) What are the benefits of hiring a professional company for pool service?

A.) A knowledgeable pool service technician will be able to identify any pool issues and fix them. For the longevity of your pool and the equipment, it’s essential that your pool is serviced correctly and the right amount of chemicals are added to the water. When you hire a reputable company for Pool Service in Billerica MA, you’ll have a guarantee that the job is done right.

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