First Class Sign Manufactures of Fort Worth TX

The greatest first impression made by any business, retail store, church, or the public facility is the sign on or in front of the building. A large, colorful display sign immediately captures the attention of anyone driving along the road and is the first landmark people searching for your storefront seek out. A smartly designed outdoor sign which is easy to see and draws the eye attracts people to your business or facility. The sign is your brand and makes a direct graphical statement of who you are and the quality of your business.

Designing these signs is the work of talented graphic artists who are experienced particularly with logo design. They can take any bare concept and produce a colorful and bold logo with lettering to complement the symbol in the layout. Or they can find how to modify an existing logo to make it even more outstanding or to integrate it into a larger design. Once a concept has been fully realized on the drawing board or desktop, the design is then passed to the manufacturing department who have the task of turning a two dimensional piece of artwork into a three dimensional reality.

Often, Sign Manufacturers Fort Worth TX comprise a full service operation combining both design and manufacturing departments working in concert with one another. The result of the integrated workflow between the two departments is a full scale unit crafted exactly to the specification of both the customer and the designers.

Legacy Signs of Texas is one such integrated Sign Manufacturer Fort Worth TX. It makes little difference if the unit is an animated 24-hour display LED sign, an internally-lit pole sign, a stonework monument sign, channel letters that display boldly in the daytime and are illuminated at night, or a self-contained and self-illuminated cabinet sign. The design and manufacturing departments can take the process from initial concept to final product within days of consultation with the client. And custom design jobs are no challenge. The shop floor is fully equipped with the machinery needed to fabricate signage in any shape or size. A proper company also handles all the permitting issues prior to erection for the client as part of the service.

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