Finding the Right Massage Therapy School In Prescott For You

If you plan to attend a massage therapy school In Prescott, you have a lot to consider. While several schools may appear to offer programs that are suitable, you need to make certain that your first choice is the best choice. If you do not carefully assess the options, you may end up being in the wrong type of massage therapy school. It will be a waste of your money as well as your time. As a result, it would take longer for you to be what you want to be – a licensed professional massage therapist.

Ask Questions

One of the best means of discovering whether the massage therapy school is the right one for you is to ask questions. You need to compile a list of all the questions for which you need to obtain answers. By doing this, you not only remind yourself about what you want and expect from a massage school, but also have a guideline to turn to if you forget what is important. This inability to remember is not uncommon. It can occur at any time during an interview or a campus visit. Having a list of questions at hand can put you right back on track.

Simple questions to consider during your research of any massage therapy school in Prescott or elsewhere in Arizona should cover the following:

1. Duration: How long has the school been offering to the public courses in massage therapy training? With massage therapy schools popping up across the country, it is important to recognize that experience truly does matter. You do not want some recent and, perhaps, fly-by-night operation. You want a school that has proven itself over the course of several years, like ASIS, founded in 1995

2. Accreditation: Is the school an accredited educational institution? You may like a particular massage therapy school in Prescott, but, if it does not have accreditation, this accounts for nothing. If you want to be a professional massage therapist; if you want to be recognized by the governing body and licensed by your state, the school must have accreditation.

3. Mission Statement: What is the mission statement of the school? Does it provide you with the overall philosophy and purpose behind the formation and teaching of massage therapy? Does it provide you with a clear idea of what the learning environment will entail?

4. Federal Financial: Is the school approved to offer Federal Financial Aid to those who qualify (FAFSA), or what other financial options are available to make going to massage school easy and seamless?

5. Philosophical and Practical Approach: What is the school’s approach to massage therapy? This is an important question to ask and for you to consider. If it is a scientifically focused school where the Western tradition of massage is taught and you want to lean a more holistic approach, than you need to find another massage therapy school in Prescott.

You need to match the school’s philosophy and approach to your own. If there is a clash in values, perspectives or even expectations, you may find yourself not learning or, at least, not being happy with what could prove to be an expensive choice.

There are other issues and characteristics you need to ask about. These include staff and instructor qualifications. Also of importance is how the material or curriculum is delivered. Is it part-time or only full-time? Must the courses be taken sequentially or are they offered in a more flexible form?

It is also important to consider how the school will help prepare you meet the needs of becoming a contributing member of the health care profession, as well as job placement statistics.

Massage Therapy School, Prescott

If you ask yourself all the right questions and research the various possibilities, you are on the right track to finding the right massage therapy school. In Prescott, schools such as those provided by ASIS Massage Education are among the best options for you to enroll in to proceed forward, therefore taking the best route on your way to becoming a licensed and professional massage therapist.

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