Filing For A Divorce In Carrollton, Georgia

The divorce laws in Carrollton, Georgia require you to live inside the state for a period of no less than six months, before you file. Furthermore, the law requires petitioners to follow strict guidelines when acquiring a divorce. This includes identifying the grounds and following these guidelines based on fault or no-fault requirements.

What are the Grounds?

Petitioners who aren’t identifying a fault-based ground are required to use irretrievable breakup. This indicates that neither party was responsible for the breakdown of the marriage. The guidelines, which apply to these cases imply that the defendant has a thirty-day period to respond. Even if both parties sign the papers prior to the thirty-day waiting period, the county requires this duration to pass before a final judgement is rendered. This allows both parties to make sure, that this is what they want.

Fault-Based Divorce Grounds

The state of Georgia identifies a full spectrum of fault-based grounds. However, in these cases, the petitioner has two choices. They could present proof in a divorce trial to identify the fault-based grounds or the defendant must sign the divorce documents implying no contest. This includes adultery, mental incapacity when the marriage occurred, and duress or other forceful measures used to achieve the marriage.

Identifying Desertion as Divorce Grounds

In cases where desertion was the grounds, the petitioner must provide evidence that indicates that they don’t know where their spouse is. The process requires them to place an ad in the local newspaper notifying their spouse of their petition for divorce. The ad must run for at least thirty days. After this duration, your attorney files a petitioner to acquire a divorce based on desertion. In these cases, your spouse must be absent from your life for at least one year.

Petitioners, who want to file for a divorce, should assess the guidelines and laws associated with their grounds. This could also include incarceration, impotence, and fraud associated with the age of either party. If the divorce is contested, the next step is mediation. When this fails, a divorce trial is scheduled according to the availability of the judge and courtroom. If you wish to file for a divorce in Carrollton, Georgia, contact your preferred attorney today.

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