Fiber Optic Connectors and Cables: A High-Speed, Dependable Network

Do you need fiber optic cables and connectors for your next application? A reputable supplier can assist you with choosing the ideal fiber optic connectors, polishes, cables, and coatings for your project. There are innumerable types of cabling used to transfer and receive data – fiber optic included. Knowing exactly which styles and components would best suit your work environment can be a challenge. The right company can offer helpful product suggestions, as well as a broad selection at reasonable prices.

About Fiber Optic Cables
Comprised of either glass or plastic optical fibers, fiber optic cables are able to transmit data at high speeds – short or long distance. Fiber optic cables are available in singlemode or multimode, and offer several styles to choose from, such as distribution, zero halogen, and armored cables. There are also numerous types of jacket coatings – all of which are engineered with specific conditions in mind. For example, PE coatings are intended for outdoor usage, while LSFH polymer is ideal for indoor environments. A knowledgeable supplier can assist you with choosing the perfect cable and coating for your application.

Find the Right Connectors
Without the appropriate fiber optic connectors, cabling is essentially useless. Like the cables themselves, connectors come in an assortment of materials and designs. The right connector depends on your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a keyed, plastic connector with a square body, an SC connector may be the right choice for you. Or, if your operation calls for a round, metal connector with pin alignment, you might benefit from a D4. Regardless of your requirements, you’re guaranteed to find the right connector for the job.

Who Benefits from Fiber Optic?
Due to their ability to transfer large amounts of data quickly and efficiently, fiber optic cables are many industry professionals’ first choice for network setups. Their numerous coating and connector options give users the ability to build complex Ethernet for a variety of purposes. Whether you’re involved in the military, manufacturing or aircraft industry, fiber optic cables provide important benefits – particularly high-speed transmission with low data loss. Some fiber optic cables contain close to a thousand optical fibers – delivering exceptional bandwidth and reliability.

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