Expert Wedding Photographers Make All the Difference!

With such a special and memorable day, there is a limited time frame to get all the best treasured photos of that day. The best Northern Virginia wedding photo experts know how to make the most of the few hours they have with the bride and groom during the ceremony. The following are things the photographer can do to maximize their photo taking power:

Getting all the names of all the important people
When the wedding photographer meets with the bride and groom to go over plans for photos, it is important to get the names of the wedding party members. The bride and groom, maid of honor, the best man, all other wedding party attendants, and the parents of the bride and groom are all names that need to be known. This allows a photographer to know who to call when they need help, and it makes communication during the event easier as well, which will result in better photos.

Wedding dresses are white so deal with it
Traditional wedding dresses are white and will always be white, and if a photographer wants the dress to stay white rather than to get dulled into a grey shade, they know they will need to dial in some positive exposure compensation. Automatic adjustments on your camera will try to tell them the image is too bright, but it’s just the white dress throwing off the sensors. The camera will try to compensate by darkening the exposure, but this is not what you want to have happen. Positive exposure compensation fixes the issue or the photographer can turn to manual adjustments to control everything.

Have backup equipment for cameras
One of the worst things a wedding photographer can see during a wedding shoot is an error message flash on the screen of their camera or to experience technical difficulties with their equipment. The best photographers will be prepared with additional cameras, batteries, lenses, memory cards, and flashes to have backups in case anything happens. Renting additional equipment is a good option when buying additional pieces is not feasible, and it provides wedding photographers with an array of options when it comes to the shots they need to get

The leading wedding photography experts know and apply these ideas to every ceremony that they shoot. If you are in need of a proven expert in all types of wedding photo shoots, then you need to hire Rodney Bailey for your special day!  You will be glad that you did!  Your photos will be absolutely stunning.

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