Examining The Surgery Needed For Implants In St George, UT

Utah dental patients can finally acquire a permanent solution to severely damaged teeth or to replace teeth that were extracted. Unlike crowns which can slip off dental implants are secured within the mouth more effectively. If you wish to explore the benefits of Implants St George UT now, you should Browse Site today.

How the Process Works

Initially, the dentist examines your jaw in the implantation sight. If the jaw is not strong enough to support an implant, the dentist will perform bone grafts to provide a more secure base for them. You are required to wait for the grafts to heal before you can proceed. The dentist will instruct you of all after care requirements associated with this surgery.

Next, the dentist installs a titanium root into the jaw bone. The root is inserted and secured within the bone. At the base of the root is a post in which the implant tooth is secured. During the healing process after this portion of the process, the dentist provides you with a temporary bridge to cover the root. This prevents damage and eliminates the possibility of pain during this process.

Connecting the Implant Tooth

The final stage of the process is when the tooth is connected to the root. It is connected directly to the base of the root to prevent slippage. In some instances, an adhesive is used to prevent it from shifting after implantation. Your dentist schedules a follow-up appointment after this process to ensure that the implant remains secure and that the surgery was successful. At any time that an error occurs, your dentist will repair it for you.

A permanent solution for the loss of teeth is to acquire Implants St George UT today. These teeth are created based on models of your teeth to prevent them from appearing unnatural. Unlike crowns, they are not placed over an existing tooth, but are basically a complete replica. This process is covered under most major dental insurance policies and is considered a restorative option instead of a simply a cosmetic option. If you wish to learn more about these options, contact your preferred dentist today.

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