Electronic Cigarettes? A Newcomer’s Guide To E Cigs And E Cig Juice

Have you heard of electronic cigarettes, or E Cigs? Due to restrictions on tobacco marketing, you won’t see them advertised on TV. However, there is almost certainly a speciality store in your vicinity like The Vaporium that specializes in vapor based nicotine products. This new type of product has grown steadily in popularity since 2007. This article gives a short introduction to E cigs and “vaping”, as it is called, to the uninitiated.

Electronic Cigarettes Produce Vapor, Not Smoke

An electronic cigarette is a reusable device with an internal heating mechanism to heat a liquid until it converts to vapor form. Many look quite a lot like tobacco cigarettes, but they are made in many shapes and designs. They do not burn and do not give off any smoke. There are many types of liquids available for vaping, many with nicotine in them, but many without.

How Electronic Cigarettes Are Safer Than Tobacco

There are several ways. For one, there is significantly less nicotine and the many other harmful chemicals found in tobacco. The vapor is inhaled, but dissolves quickly and does not cling to your lungs, clothes, or other surroundings. Thus, there is vastly less damage done to lungs. Still, nicotine is poisonous to the body and organs, but the effect is much less with E Cig Juice than tobacco.

Because the vapor does not hang in the air, it is actually legal to use indoors anywhere. Naturally, other people may become annoyed and offended, assuming the vapor to be as harmful as second hand smoke. This will likely continue until public awareness of vaping reaches a higher level.

E Cigs As A Smoking Cessation Aid

E Cig Juice usually contains a similar amount of nicotine as the patches designed to help people quit smoking. For this reason, they are very functional as a cessation aid for people who are trying to quit smoking. Replicating the smoking ritual can be more soothing than using a patch. The action of vaping is similar to smoking, and the vapor feels similar to smoke when inhaled.

Proponents see a possible revolution of nicotine consumption in E Cigs. Anti smoking advocates have yet to embrace the product, and there is still a great deal of misinformation being spread that suggests it is a gateway to smoking. For many, however, it is a safer, more pleasant alternative to tobacco cigarettes. You can also check them on Facebook.

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