Easy Steps to Get Your Window Ready for Window Replacement Arlington

by | Jun 25, 2015 | Glass

The windows in your home are a major part of your home’s protective measures. They are also an integral part of keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Because a window serves major functions, it’s necessary to keep the glass of your windows intact. When you have defective glass in one of your windows, it can be an open invitation for unauthorized entry into your home. To correct this problem, get a Window Replacement in Arlington. Use the following steps to prepare your window for this.

Before you start working on your damaged window glass, ensure that you have plenty of lights to perform your work. If the defective glass is in a large window frame, consider removing the entire window frame from the wall. Lay this frame on a sturdy table. When working with glass, ensure that you don’t have children or pets in the work area. Wear protective eye-wear and puncture-resistant gloves.

Start working on the window frame by removing the large piece of glass. Find an opening in the damage. Remove one large piece at a time by carefully grasping a flat side of the piece. Avoid holding a glass fragment by a sharp edge. After removing the glass pieces, work on extricating the rest of the glass from the window frame tracks. Use a chisel to dislodge tiny glass pieces, putty, and glaziers’ points.

When you reach putty that is dry and hardened, use a heating element such as a heat gun to heat up the putty. It’s easier to work with putty that is malleable. When you have a wood window frame, apply a generous amount of linseed oil before installing another windowpane. Pour about a tablespoon of linseed oil onto an old washcloth. Rub the linseed oil into the wood frame until it soaks in. Allow the window frame to dry before putting in a new glass. Visit website for more info.

Getting a Window Replacement Arlington requires removing all broken glass, putty, and glaziers’ points. By doing this safely, you can have a new windowpane installed to protect your home. For more information on glass and glass services, please talk to an expert at AAA Glass. This business can handle numerous glass services for residential and commercial customers.

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