Double-Sided Foam Tape: An Elastic and Effective Solution

Industrial adhesives, such as double-coated foam tapes, are designed to be easy to use, strong, and long-lasting. Foam tapes, in particular, are highly versatile solutions, and can be used for everything from cushioning to gaskets. Restricting air flow, gas flow, and water is one of their strong points, which makes them the go-to solution for insulation applications. Dependable suppliers can help you find the right foam or double-sided tape for your project.

Uses for Foam Adhesives

double-sided foam tape is designed to be versatile and strong. However, to ensure you’re getting the solution you need, it’s a good idea to pay attention to tape thickness, density, and adhesive properties. Foam tapes are available in a variety of materials, including polyethylene, polyurethane, and vinyl. When it comes to sealing and cushioning, foam tapes are an ideal solution. Due to their flexibleness, water-resistance, and hypoallergenic nature, foam tapes are used for weather-stripping, sound dampening, padding, and gaskets. Tape suppliers can shed light on the right kinds of adhesives for your application.

Other Double-Sided Tapes

Aside from double-coated foam tape, there is a wide variety of double-sided industrial tapes to choose from. Double-sided tapes are commonly referred to as bonding tapes because they’re strong enough to bond different surfaces together with ease. Whether you’re mounting signage or securing packages, double-sided tapes are must-haves for all sorts of applications. Like foam tapes, double-sided industrial tapes are typically made from strong yet flexible materials, such as rubber, acrylic and polyester. These materials make them durable and simple to apply, as well as easy to remove.

Customize Your Order

When you need a specific form of double-sided foam tape for an application, knowledgeable suppliers can make the process much easier. For one, they’ll provide helpful material recommendations, based on your goals. They’ll know which tape will work best for your project. Additionally, they’ll gladly customize your order – ensuring you receive everything you need. Converters and Fabricators are not only able to point you in the right direction, they’re also able to slit, custom package, or die cut tapes, as well as supply bulk log rolls.

For a range of industrial foam tapes, as well as customizable solutions, contact Engineered Materials Inc. Visit to request a quote.

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