Different Types of Drainage Systems in Cambridge, MA

The biggest enemy of any basement is water. It seeps into the tiny holes in the concrete. The expansion and contraction of the water create cracking issues. It can also perpetuate mold growth. By improving the drainage around your home’s foundation, you can help prevent some of the damage that can occur with constant exposure to water. These are some of the different types of drainage systems that can be used around the home’s foundation.

One of the types of drainage systems in Cambridge MA that can help redirect water is the implementation of the french drain. A trench is dug around the entire perimeter of the house. Stones and grating are added to help ensure that water is directed away from the foundation. A pipe is also added to help direct the water away from your home. The drain is sloped so that gravity can help assist the water drainage.

Another type of drainage system that can be used is a sump pump. This system is used primarily for basements where water is a continual problem. Low-lying areas, swampy areas, or areas with rainfall can create continuous moisture in the basement. Since it is difficult to keep all of the moisture out of the basement, the sump pump helps to remove all of this moisture content. A channel is dug around the basement area, and piping is laid to collect the water from all of the areas in the basement.

A moisture control system is another type of drainage systems in Cambridge MA that can be implemented in basements. This is essentially a dehumidifier that helps to draw the moisture out of the basement area and the air. This system can be used in conjunction with other types of systems if it is needed. Usually, this dehumidifier is added to your current air conditioning and heating systems.

These are some of the different drainage systems that you can be used to help to direct the water away from your basement. If your basement is experiencing an excessive amount of water, contact Drycrete Waterproofing to get the problem resolved.

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