Dealing With Arrest Warrants In Salisbury, MD

An arrest warrant allows the police to take you into custody. After you’ve been arrested, anything in your immediate area, including you, can be searched. Arrest warrants in Salisbury, MD are issued every day and remain valid for many years. Sometimes, you may not even realize a warrant was issued and years later, if stopped for a simple traffic violation, the warrant may be pulled up on the computer system and you be taken into custody. Occasionally, the police will keep an arrest warrant quiet, especially one for a criminal investigation, as they don’t want the suspect to run or hide.

When a suspect knows he’s the target of a criminal investigation and realizes that a warrant in Salisbury, MD will be issued soon, he may speak to an attorney beforehand. website advises not to speak to the police without an attorney present. When a warrant is issued, the suspect may again visit the attorney and then turn himself into the police. It doesn’t matter if you’re arrested for a valid charge or it’s a terrible mistake, it’s never advised to talk to the police alone. They may try to confuse you and twist your words so you confess to something you didn’t do. Your attorney will ensure that doesn’t happen.

It’s also recommended to calmly go outside and turn yourself in if the police come to your door with an arrest warrant. With a warrant, they can forcibly enter your home to arrest you, and once they are in, they can search your entire home, getting more evidence. It’s usually suggested to walk outside, lock your door and go with them. They may offer to let you return inside to get your shoes or another item, but in actuality, it’s giving them a way in, to search your home. Keep the door locked and keep them out.

When arriving to jail, either a loved one has already contacted your attorney or you will be allowed to contact him. Aside from the phone call, stay silent so nothing can be construed and used against you. When you’re facing a serious charge that could potentially take away your freedom, always protect yourself with an attorney. Don’t risk everything you’ve worked hard for by trying to go at it alone. Talk to an experienced attorney. He will do what’s necessary to make sure you have the best possible outcome available.

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