Creativity in Surprising Places

The way people interact now is astounding. A woman can wake up, turn her computer on, and message her friend to discuss scrapbooking. Even though they may live in their locations and time zones, they can still bond over something as simple as their hobbies. Language and culture have very little sway over these things.

Another thing is how easy it is to learn in this digital age. A quick search on the internet can give you a play-by-play tutorial on something you had heard of just minutes ago. An hour later and you can create something that people would have never dreamed of even a hundred years ago. It is like magic.

These are human qualities, and they work in tandem. People want to have friends, they want to create, and they want to have friends to create with. With the advent of creative and social websites, that is now easier than ever.

Because of these things, we are entering a time where creativity is truly flourishing. One example of this can be found in the Plastic Drum.

Recycling in Multiple Ways

Are you a gardener? Then you can find a ton of uses in these guys. Go out to the store and get some seeds. Take them home and put them in your inexpensive and durable planter. It was pouring last night, and you firmly believe in do it yourself culture. Feel free to water your new plants with what’s left in your rainwater collector. With how much storage you have you could water your plants twenty times over. Now time passes, and you have eaten your radishes and carrots. You are about to throw away the husks, but then you remember your compost bin. As each of these machines does their job, you look at them proudly. Each one is sculpted from a 55 gallon Plastic Drum. They will last you forever, and you hardly spent a thing.

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