Combining Indoor and Outdoor Play

What many parents are not aware of is that combining indoor and outdoor play is crucial to a child’s growth and well-being. Playing is a big part of a child’s life and it is one of their basic human rights. They need to be able to engage in their own interests while becoming more self-aware. They need to be able to actively use their imagination as well as make friends and have lots of fun. There are a number of reasons why both indoor and outdoor play are extremely important for a child’s development.

Outdoor Playing
Allowing your child to play both indoors and outdoors provides them with a lot of different physical and mental benefits. Outdoor play allows them to experience nature by playing ball games at the park, or taking a walk in a nature reserve. Being outdoors educates your child about the earth and all of its surroundings. Whether they are swimming or out hunting for fossils, very little can truly replace the outdoor playing experience.

Indoor Playing
Playing indoors can also benefit your child in a number of ways. If the weather is bad, your child can play in a soft play area and explore their creative side. They can read books or do arts and crafts activities to keep them busy on a rainy day. There are quite a few indoor playgrounds available that are safe and still give them the experience of being outdoors without ever having to leave the building. Combining indoor and outdoor playing makes for an active, happy, and creative child inside and out.

NEST provides a kids’ indoor playground in Philadelphia area for your children to explore and enjoy. Regardless of what your child likes to do, they are sure to find something fun and creative to do at NEST.

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