Choosing Unaccompanied Luggage Shipping Just Makes Sense

by | Nov 21, 2014 | Business

Traveling is a fun way to see the world and do things that you normally wouldn’t do. However, if you are traveling very far from home or will be gone for a long period, you may find that one or two suitcases are not adequate, though this is all that is allowed on the airline without being charged extra. In fact, many airlines are now charging for every single bag, whether your first or your fifth, making it even more expensive and difficult to have what you need. This is why unaccompanied luggage shipping is a good idea.

New Rules

While the new airline rules about luggage are not quite new, they are still an annoyance for most people and can make it difficult to enjoy your flight. Most airlines do allow two pieces of checked baggage and most have weight limits. Each airline is different, but India, the Middle East and Asia airlines only allow 23 kilograms of baggage, whether that is in one piece of luggage or two. Many people tried to get around the luggage rule by purchasing larger travel baggage items, so they could fit more in their allotted two pieces, but weight rules still apply, causing many people to become annoyed.

If you are planning on purchasing souvenirs, you will require those items in your luggage, as well, which could cause problems. Many people choose to put all their clothing in one bag and have another bag which is empty, so that they can fill it up with the goodies they find. However, weight issues can still be a problem.

If you find that the new rules of luggage on airlines are too annoying, you may want to consider unaccompanied baggage shipping.

How the Shipping Works

You pack your luggage the way you see fit. You can use as many pieces of baggage as necessary and pack as full or as little as you wish. Everything can be folded properly and maintained through the journey. Call your selected international courier and schedule a pickup of the baggage or take it to your nearest courier drop-off area. The luggage will be tagged appropriately with your name, contact information and destination. You will want to call up the destination hotel or area and let them know to expect the luggage and sign for it when it arrives. On the appointed day, take your flight without the luggage and pick up your bags at your hotel.

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