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Drugs are produced on a global scale, from cultivation to consumption in underdeveloped countries, mainly in Western countries. This is where the final product reaches a high value on the black market. Drugs have important social consequences: crime, violence, corruption, marginalization… This is why most countries around the world prohibit the production, distribution and sale of these substances. As a result, an illegal market of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances has formed, which produces huge profits. If you are charged with possession or trafficking, hire credible Attorneys in Topeka KS today.


Most of the narcotics produced in the world are grown in third world countries (many countries in South America, Southeast Asia and Middle East), and then smuggled into consumer countries. Traditionally, the United States, Mexico and Europe has imposed restrictive policies of “zero tolerance” to producing countries. However, in many of these countries, the cultivation of coca, opium or cannabis is a major source of livelihood, which many are not willing to give up. On the other hand, psychotropic drugs, such as Lysergic Acid (LSD), whose consumption is decreasing; amphetamines and other psychotropic substances and synthetic or semisynthetic drugs such as “ecstasy” (MDMA), are produced in developed countries.

The origins

In a jurisdiction where the legislation prohibits or restricts the sale of popular drugs, it’s common that an illegal market develops. For example, the US Congress has identified several controlled drug-related occupations. Most nations considers drug trafficking a serious problem. Some estimates put the global trade value of illegal drugs at about $600 billion in 2014; which corresponds to an amount greater than the money spent for food at the same time.

Legal drugs such as tobacco and alcohol can become contraband and illegal trade if the price difference between the source and destination is high enough to make it profitable. With the tax on tobacco, (which is much higher in the UK than in continental Europe), drugs are profitable. Hiring Attorneys in Topeka KS can help ensure you are acquitted of any wrongdoing. Visit website or contact your local lawyer to learn more if you or a loved one has been charged with a drug-related crime.

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