Bringing Back the Glow to Lido’s Neon Rooftop Sign

by | Aug 5, 2016 | Business

Neon is making a comeback. That’s good news for business owners who want to take advantage of the resurgence in neon to brighten up their signage. If you’re interested, here’s a look at what we did for one of our clients, the Lido Apartments:

Sign Restoration

One of the most iconic landmarks in Hollywood, CA, is the rooftop sign of the Lido Apartments building, of what locals and tourists know simply as “Lido Apts.” If it looks familiar, that’s because the hotel’s lobby appeared on the back cover of the now famous Eagle’s album, titled—what else?—Hotel California.

A Bit of History

The hotel first opened its doors as an apartment hotel, back in 1928. Whenever you drive along Hollywood, it was—and still is—one of the most recognizable signs around in Hollywood Hills. Today, the building is marketed as a 1920s New York-style hotel.

The Challenge

One of the best qualities of the Lido Apartment building is the fact that it has retained its character for more than half a century. That, however, would make the restoration work on the sign a bit tougher. After all, it’s not just about painting over the sign and saying it’s done. At Dave Signs, we understand how important it is to preserve the vintage quality of such an iconic signage. That’s why we followed strict guidelines to ensure that the sign was restored in a way that protects the sign’s integrity and place in history.

The Process

Dave Signs has extensive expertise restoring old school neon signs. With over 20 years in the business, our team has learned a lot about how to frame letters with the lights to ensure that they’re positioned in exactly the right way. Since the sign was no longer working, we also needed to replace the lighting system as well as go over the tears and worn-out patches to make them disappear, giving the sign a fresh, updated look. For the installation, we built a scaffolding to help the restoration team get the repairs done on schedule.

Finding Help

That’s the kind of service you can expect from us. At Dave Signs, we’re meticulous, dedicated, and careful. We can restore your signs to match your service and the company’s long history. If you want timeless signage designs or need us to restore iconic ones, get in touch with us. Whether it’s an old sign or a new one, we have the expertise, competence and heart to help your business.

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