Benefits of Silver Plating

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Silver doesn’t always mean second place. It is white colored and often confused for a precious metal. It cannot be considered so because it oxidizes.

It is the best metal for conducting electricity, which has made it popular in the electronics and semiconductor industries. It is also a good conductor of heat and provides excellent solderability. It has great lubricity which makes it useful for bearing surfaces and anti-galling applications. All of these factors make it an economical choice for electrical contacts. It can also be seen in the military, automotive and aerospace industries. It is also used for its aesthetic appeal in flatware and jewelry.

Benefits of Silver:

* Good Heat Conductivity
* Very Ductile
* Relatively Low Cost
* Easily Cleaned and Polished
* Excellent Solderability
* Decorative Appeal
* Corrosion Resistant
* High Lubricity
* Great Electrical Conductivity

The atoms of metal elements are characterized by the presence of valence electrons. These let metal conduct an electric current. The most effective conductors of electricity are metals with a single valence electron. It is free to move around with little resistance. Silver is the most conductive of all metals which make it very valuable for plating and finishing.

Heat can only be transferred through conduction, convection, and radiation. Conduction regularly occurs in nature and in short, is the transfer of hear through physical contact. Therefore, the things that make silver a good electrical conductor also make it a great heat conductor. Its high-temperature resistance allows it to be used in the making of jet engines and automobiles.

Silver Plating

All of these things make silver plating an excellent option. Sometimes confused for a precious metal – it is not thanks to the fact that it oxidizes. This means it’s more affordable. It is a cost effective option next to gold and platinum and has many benefits over these metals. It is best used for engineering purposes that require high electrical and thermal conductivity, wear resistance, soldering and excellent electrical contact.

Silver plating is applicable in high-reliability applications for the medical, military/defense, electronics, aerospace, automotive, telecommunication and commercial electronics industries.

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